Black Pepper Pork Chop & Udon Stir Fry

Staying home more often makes me crave more for dishes I usually order in quick Chinese cafes known as Cha Chaang Tengs 茶餐廳. Now I can guarantee this recipe is going to be one of those lunch go to dishes! Pork Chop Black Bean Udon noodles definitely makes you crave more and more. The chewy bouncy noodles coated with the bold black pepper is deliciously contrasted with the tender rich taste of the pork chops. This delicious stir fry takes minimal time to prepare and to cook meaning its easy and efficient for lunch or dinner. All you need are … Continue reading Black Pepper Pork Chop & Udon Stir Fry

Sweet & Spicy Sticky Wings

As you already know, Chicken Wings are my favourite meat to cook. These delicious sticky wings are always a popular dish on the dinner table. The main ingredients include ginger, garlic and spring onions with a sauce of sugar, soy and Chinese vinegar. I also added a little chilli and grounded peppercorns. Don’t worry the spice level can be adjusted according to your taste or preference. This dish takes only a few steps to prepare and cook. To begin with marinate the wings with light soy sauce, honey and vegetable oil. Place them into the oven evenly as you want … Continue reading Sweet & Spicy Sticky Wings

Thai Style Oven Roast Chicken Legs

This weeks recipe features on of my favourite dishes because it takes me back to the time when I visited Thailand. Now, when you think of Thailand you think of the delicious herbs used in their cooking. The range of noodles, grilled meats and fish always captures me where ever I go. When you visit any markets day or night, no matter what you order, there will always be the classic lime, coriander, lemon grass and other condiments involved. This dish uses the key ingredients to create a delicious and succulent Roast Chicken legs. This dish uses simple ingredients to … Continue reading Thai Style Oven Roast Chicken Legs

Sweet Lotus Paste Pancake

Since young I’ve always been attracted to pancakes and crispy or crunchy items. This Lotus Paste Pancake is no exception. The delicious sweet paste filling accompanied by a savoury pancake skin is perfect with any hot tea. I also added roasted sesame seeds on the outside to give it a smokey contrast. This pancake is not only easy to make but you can also store it in the freezer for months. I tend to make a larger batch and pop them all in the freezer ready to eat any time of the week. All you need to do it cook … Continue reading Sweet Lotus Paste Pancake