Chocolate Swirl Buns | 朱古力包

My all time classic childhood Bao (bread bun). I love to steam these in the afternoon paired along with a cup of green tea. I remember when I was a child, my mum would always steam these with some prawn dumplings or other dim sum for lunch on a Sunday afternoon. We would always tear the buns open to cool them down. These buns can come in many variations, shapes and sizes with these buns. From chocolate, to taro to custard filled. In this recipe I will be making a simple chocolate swirl bun. It takes less than 45 minutes … Continue reading Chocolate Swirl Buns | 朱古力包

Easy Scallion Pancakes | 葱油饼

A classic snack loved by many people, these scallion pancakes 葱油饼 are not only delicious but they are also so easy to make. Crispy, flakey and packed full of flavour! Make these on an afternoon with your loved ones or store them in the freezer for a later date! Pair this with a hot cup of Green tea will sure raise those comfort levels. This recipe has taken a while to adapt and test before finalising with this version. To be able to get that delicious crispy texture was difficult to master! It all comes down to the kneading and … Continue reading Easy Scallion Pancakes | 葱油饼